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About Westanbul

About Westanbul

Westanbul now is one of the most important consulting company in Turkey. Westanbul provides business and investment services and consultancy for the investors and businessmen from the Middle East, North Africa, Easter Europe, and other countries all around the world.
Thanks to the long years in the market, Westanbul provides elite advisory and a variety of business services as shown below:

  • Agriculture investments.
  •  Investing in livestock
  •  Animal feeds investments.
  •  Developing agriculture and livestock businesses.
  •  Developing businesses portfolios and their working strategies.
  •  Doing feasibility studies of all sorts, specially: Agriculture, industrial, and real estate sectors.
  •  Managing investment businesses all around the world specially: The Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey.
  • Furthermore, Westanbul provides all the resources, goods, materials and equipment that those investments might need like:
  • Machines and equipment used for the livestock and agriculture investments and work.
  •  Fertilizers and agricultural pesticides.
  •  Farms materials and needed equipment.
  •  Animal medicine and food supplements.
  •  Animal feeds and their supplements.
  •  Straw, hay and silage of all kinds
  •  Pets food and equipment.

Westanbul thrives to satisfy its customers all around the world by providing them with the best real time services. Westanbul team will be with you from start to finish and in the field with you, making sure your business grows to be a successful profitable business.